What is Vikalp Scheme?

'Vikalp' literally means option so under Vikalp scheme, each passenger has an option of choosing upto 7 trains as an option or backup to currently selected train where a passenger may be waitlisted. Departure of these trains could be after 30 minutes to upto 72 hours of the original train.

For example you booked your ticket on IRCTC website and your ticket was wait listed when the chart was prepared. Under Vikalp scheme, your ticket can be allocated to the next available train, which is going towards the same direction in any class equivalent or higher then the class you booked in previously. So you could get upgraded to 3AC from SL.

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How to Book Vikalp on confirmtkt?

1) Book the train ticket , like you normally would

Click on "Opt Vikalp" option just below ticket details in above screen

2) Select all the train options , you are interested in

3) Click Submit and your Vikalp options are selected

You can go to your bookings to see the trains you have opted for